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Wine List

Below is a comprehensive listing of the wines Jewell Towne traditionally produces each year. However, we also sell out of some very quickly!

White Wines

Aurore- similar to a Pinot Grigio. Clean, crisp, with hints of grapefruit and pepper. 

Cayuga White- off-dry, with hints of tropical fruit and melon. 

Chardonnay- dry, clean, and crisp. Fermented without oak to highlight the flavor of the grape.

Pinot Grigio- a crisp, slightly sweet white wine, with delicate aromas of honeysuckle and melon. 

Riesling- floral nose, with hints of lime and orange. 

Seyval - off-dry, full bodied white wine, with hints of passion fruit, nectarine and citrus aromas. 

South Hampton White  semi-sweet, with rich grapefruit and Muscat flavors. 

Traminette- floral nose, a rich bouquet of tangerine, rose and lychee aromas.

Vidal- full bodied, off-dry with hints of citrus and pear.

Vignoles- full bodied, semi-sweet, hints of orange blossom and honey.

Ice Wine

Rhapsody In Blue (Vidal Icewine) - nectar of the gods dessert wine. 375ml Split.13.5% RS

Vidal Ice Wine  delicious sweet dessert wine with hints of honey and apricot. 375ml Split. 13.8 RS


Red Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon- a rich, smooth red wine with red currant and cedar aromas and silky tannins.

Landot Noir  a spicy, mellow red with subtle aromas of leather and licorice.

Leon Millot  a garnet colored mellow red wine with subtle aromas of cranberry, black raspberry and licorice.

Maréchal Foch- a slightly sweet medium bodied red wine, rich in cherry and red fruit aromas. 

Maréchal Foch  Private Reserve- full bodied, with red raspberry aromas, leather, spice and black pepper.

South Hampton Red– a sweet red wine, with rich cherry and strawberry flavors. 

Zinfandel, Organically Grown- flavors of blackberry, apricot, walnut, and dried plum, complemented by soft tannins. Made with certified organically grown Zinfandel.

Blush/Rose Wine

Alden  off-dry rosé with hints of lychee, and oak. Floral bouquet. 

Steuben- off-dry rosé with ripe fresh strawberry, pineapple and mulberry aromas. 

Port Wine

Port - an intense red berry aroma with hints of coconut, chocolate and vanilla. 500ml

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